Thursday, February 10, 2011

You'd think this would get easier, but no. Same heartbreak.

Just a little bird. Can't hug her, can't cuddle her (wasn't that kind of bird),
can't do a lot of things with such a tiny little fluff of feathers,
but she kept me company for 6 years +/- and was a fun little bundle of
sunshine. Timid, but sweet. She seemed to like walls, and when
exploring the floor, would almost always come to me* when it was time
to "go home" because I always took her home.

Thank you Sonny for being so lovable. I miss you so much already. (and
Sydney misses you too)

**(All three birds would step-up and down, but if they are/were having
a supervised fly/walk-about, Sydney* and before him, Angel* would come when they were ready to. Sonny would come to me when called, it was something special, unique to Sonny, and I thought it was soooo sweet.)