Sunday, January 23, 2005

Male finch at the window feeder...if only the window was cleaner...


Blogger sammy_bunny said...

You're lucky to get all those birds. I can't get those types of birds to come to a feeder here. I live on a former bean field with no large trees and lots of raptors. I also get pheasants but no small birds.


9:22 AM  
Blogger Edgar said...

Not trying to be offensive or anything, but if i got those birds on the window, i would keep my windows cleaner. :D

8:23 PM  
Blogger Stephie said...

I do wish they were cleaner and that it was easier to clean them Edgar. If they weren't high up and difficult to reach & clean, I would :( Lately it's too cold outside to even try.

Raptors must be neat to see. Predators. I can understand why you don't see any smaller birds Heather. (they don't want to be lunch) I wonder how close you can get to them...every try to photograph them?

8:33 PM  

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